Celebrating Mothers

On May 13th, No More Warehousing hosted an event to hear from the mothers of children and adults with disabilities. It was a chance to hear their stories and celebrate all the support they give as both mothers and caregivers.

The event was MC’d by Joanne Larade and featured talks from five mothers: Susan Harvey, Sara Campbell, Anne-Louise Desrosiers, Jane Gillis and Kathleen Purdy. All of the stories shared by these five incredible women were both informative and emotional. They shed light on the lack of housing and support services for their children, as well as the effects that these deficits have on their lives. After the mothers spoke there was a chance for discussion with the audience, followed by a relaxed time for one-on-one conversations to take place with a coffee and a snack.

Below is the link to the Facebook live streamed video of the event:


A note that our MC Joanne Larade passed away not long after the event. We are grateful for her voice and wonderful presence at both this event and in the wider advocacy community.